Welcome to Workshop Buddy - an online cut list optimisation calculator

This tool is designed to make your cutting tasks a little easier.

There are quite a few cut list generators on the web - Cutlist Plus and MaxCut are two popular examples, but they are fairly expensive paid software aimed at the professional workshop. Workshop Buddy aims to bring you a sophisticated cut optimization tool for free, with no software to download and usable on both desktop and mobile devices.

Workshop Buddy has two options - sheet material calculator and linear material calculator. Both options create optimised cutting diagrams, but have different options tailored to your stock.




Workshop Buddy has three main calculation options -

  1. Least waste
  2. Longitudinal (rip cut) optimization
  3. Cross cut optimization

The default setting is to try and create cuts which leave the least waste on the stock material, you don't need to do anything to activate this setting. It you use the rip or cross cut settings, more offcut material is likely to occur, but it might make your job easier if you are using, for example, a table saw. Longitudinal and cross cut optimizations allows a cut to be made from one side of the material to the other without needing to stop.

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Comparison with Cutlist Plus

Cutlist Plus is an extremely well-developed piece of software, is highly customizable and ideal for the professional. It has many features which are not available with Workshop Buddy. Below we're going to compare optimization diagrams to demonstrate the functionality of Workshop Buddy and to hopefully show it's a viable alternative for some of the most common cutting tasks.

Project example

This project uses a sheet of MDF with dimensions of 48x96 inches

The following shapes are required (all in inches)

Cutlist Plus example result

Cutlist Plus has done a good job of optimizing the cuts

Workshop Buddy result

For this example, Workshop Buddy has created a very similar pattern - high fives all round!

As you can see, the results are very similar, and hopefully this demonstrates Workshop Buddy's optimization talent. We're not saying Workshop Buddy matches all of the capabilities of Cutlist Plus, and it's not perfect (yet!) but for those who can't afford the subscription it's an alternative worth considering.

If you do use Workshop Buddy, and you think there is a cut list we could optimize better - please do let us know.

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