User guide


The tool does not require units to be set, but it currently uses decimal format and not fractions. If you would find this functionality useful, please let us know. Feel free to use inches, cm, mm or any unit you like - but it's essential to be consistent.

Importing from spreadsheets

Importing from spreadsheets such as Excel is quick and straightforward - just structure your sheet with columns: Length - Width - Quantity - Name (optional). Copy the values directly from the spreadsheet and paste them into the input field in WorkshopBuddy. A preview of your data is generated - if it looks ok then click the Import button. Your shapes will now have imported and be ready to calculate.

Layout preferences

There are currently four layout preferences available.

  1. Maximum efficiency - this is ideal if you're using a jigsaw, lazer cutter or CNC machine. The algorithm prioritises layouts with the minimum number of cuts and the least waste.
  2. Length cuts - this setting is designed for table saws when ripping stock.
  3. Width cuts - use this setting if you prefer cross-cuts - for example, when using a mitre saw or a cross-cut sledge on a table saw.
  4. Set per stock - this setting allows a choice of 'length' or 'width' cuts per stock.

Moving shapes

If you'd like to tweak a generated layout, you have the option to move shapes around. Click on the 'Move mode' button below the Workbench, then click on the shape you'd like to move. Available positions are then shown. Clicking again on the shape will show rotated positions. Finally, click on one of the generated positions to complete the move.

Stock lock

Use this if you'd like to ensure a part is made from a particular piece of stock.