Privacy policy

Use of personal information

We collect personal information during our sign in, subscription and contact processes.

Usually this is limited to your name and email address.

When you sign in, Google shares your name and email address, which we keep in our database to identify you and associate with information such as your settings and subscription details. We use a trusted third party for authentication to ensure the highest levels of security and so we don’t need to store a password or other sensitive information on our own system.

If you choose to start a subscription with us, this data is used to identify you with our secure payment processor, Stripe. Stripe holds details including your current subscription, invoices and payment method. Stripe may email you on our behalf to send invoices, payment reminders and other information relating to your subscription.

Any emails we send may be facilitated by a third party, who will store your email address and name to make this possible.

If you wish to have your personal data removed or have question or concerns, please contact us.

Use of cookies and similar technologies

Some cookies are essential to allow our services to work, for example when you sign in, your session details are stored to allow our server to know you’re an authenticated user.

Cookies are also used to track anonymous user behaviour via Google Analytics, and key behaviours which may be used to inform our marketing communications.

Communications and marketing

We may contact you with routine customer service messages such as welcome information, changes to our products and services, or service interruptions.

If you contact us, we will store your email address, name and any other relevant information to facilitate the conversation.

As part of our marketing efforts, we may link user certain user behaviours to your account so we can send you relevant information, this may include the pages you have visited or other website behaviour.

If we are advertising online, we may use behaviour on our site to facilitate remarketing on third party advertising networks such as the Google ad network.

Get in touch

Any questions or concerns, please contact